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EnvisionSM Wealth Management

Helping you live the one life you have, the best way you can.

  • Confidence in achieving goals YOU value
  • Without UNDUE sacrifice to your lifestyle
  • Avoid UNNECESSARY investment risk

This new process has many benefits compared to traditional services:

Achieving goals otherwise ignored and minimizing investment risk is what the EnvisionSM process is all about. You may find at some future date, minor changes may be suggested, but they are likely to be small, easily manageable and exposed well in advance through ongoing monitoring. Your Recommended Goals are custom designed based on your priorities and serve to avoid undue sacrifices to your financial lifestyle and if possible avoid unnecessary investment risk.

Monitoring Your Progress:
As financial markets, financial goals and priorities change, we monitor your progress on an ongoing basis. The EnvisionSM process identifies in advance the future portfolio values needed to maintain balance between confidence and undue sacrifice. This monitoring process enables us to track where you current portfolio falls so we can alert you of potential problems, or help you achieve additional goals you may have. Additionally, this dynamic process recognizes that throughout your life, goals and priorities change. In such cases we will design new recommendations for you.

Summary EnvisionSM Benefits


Achieve goals otherwise ignored

Avoid Unnecessary Risk

Avoid unnecessary lifestyle sacrifice

Identify problems & opportunities in advance

Comfort that goals can be achieved



*** Envision's simulation model incorporates assumptions on inflation, financial market returns and the potential relationship between these variables based on an analysis of historical data. Using Monte Carlo simulation and data provided by the Center for Research in Securities Pricing, Envision simulates 1,000 different potential outcomes over a lifetime of investing. The varying historical risk, return, and correlation between the assets is based on indices over several market cycles. If the indices do not provide sufficient historical data to gauge asset class performance, we may use the performance statistics of related asset classes.

Unlike financial planning, Envision does not include a detailed analysis of insurance, real estate investment or savings strategies. It also does not cover estate and tax planning.